Jupiter Beach Inlet Park
1375 Jupiter Beach Road
Jupiter, Florida
Phone: 561-966-6600

Jupiter Beach Park lies on the south side of the Jupiter Inlet. It has 1,700 feet of guarded beach, picnic areas with grills, restrooms, outdoor showers and a sand volleyball court. Park hours are sunrise to sunset but inlet fishing is available 24 hours.

Fishing this location:

The snook fishing in and around Jupiter Inlet is pretty good. The outgoing tide is usually the best for fishing with artificial lures because the water is dirty. Snook have great eyesight and are hard to trick when fishing them in clear water and sunny days, sunrise and sunset best time on clear water days.

Use a Fish finder rig on the incoming in the inlet with live bait like a mullet, whitting, large Jumbo shrimp or a croaker. Those baits will not get ignored by the hungry Snook also dead fresh bait on the fish finder rig lob it out on the bottom a whole fish, side of a fish (fillet) or chunk it and also heads work well. Live bait is always the way to go on the incoming tide though.

Out going tide Snook like to congregate near the bottom so you need a lure that can get down deep if you want to catch a snook. The best lure is going to be the flair hawk jig or any jig 1oz to 3oz weight is gauged on speed of current, you have to work these close to the bottom and like I always say "if your not getting hung up on the bottom your not doing it right".

Tip for species:
Many times when working a live bait or Jig remember Snook are closer to the Bottom but Tarpon are feeding at the top of the water when you fish for one in most cases you can fish for the other.

When using a live shrimp and bait wait for the flick (Hold rod and flick the end of your rod butt thats what it feels like) to your rod then reel and set up or just reel with a circle.

DOA Shrimp are great lures when fishing around the docks.

Donations are Greatly Appreciated

The fishing info is supplied free of charge.

Location Info

Open Daily Jetty open 24 hours for fishing Park Hours 7am to 6pm



Live and Dead bait ( if you catch it yourself )

Fishing (Salt), Jetty


Beach (Guarded), Snorkeling

Charcoal Grills, Picnic Areas, Picnic Pavilion Rental

Restrooms, Shower (Outdoor)


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Get Tide for Jupiter Inlet Jetty

Common Catches

Snapper "All Year"
Pompano "Fall, Spring, Winter"
Blue Runners "All Year"
Bluefish "Spring, Fall, Winter"
Croakers "all year"
Bait " Mullet, Pichard, Sardines, Glass Minnows"
Big Jack Crevalle

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