Boynton beach inlet, beaches and seawalls
646 Ocean Inlet Dr
Boynton Beach, Florida

The South Lake Worth Inlet, also known as the Boynton Inlet, is an artificial cut through a barrier beach connecting the south end of the Lake Worth Lagoon in Palm Beach County, Florida with the Atlantic Ocean. The inlet is 130 feet wide and 6 to 12 feet deep.
Boynton Beach Inlet is a great place for bait, I always seem to be able to get mullet and pilchard, it also offers a variety of types of fishing and is a very productive fishing area. It is known for Snook fishing and numerous Snook anglers make it a for sure stop.

Live bait at this location:

Mullet are found in the Boynton inlet and also North side Boynton Beach lagoon area.
Pilchard I always get at night in SW side of Boynton inlet bridge in lighted area, first light away from bridge in the inlet or in the daytime on the North jetty, Sardines on same side but back seawall.

Fishing areas:

South jetty of Boynton Inlet
I find snook on the tide change live bait or artificial (jig, Doa,) Also, I have found them on Southside beach area. In addition you will find, on that same beach, bluefish, big grunts, spots and croakers and ocassional snapper.

North jetty of Boynton Beach inlet
Mangroves down and under the jetty and inthe channel at slack ti and snook on beach side, I do very well on the mackerel there in the fall and winter run on a chartreuse pompano jig tipped with shrimp also pompano can be caught which is a tasty treat.

Seawalls of Boynton Inlet
Along the seawall are sheephead at certain times of the year if you look you will see them if they are there. South side back seawall of Boynton Beach Inlet has Tarpon, Snook, Moonfish, Mangroves and other smaller fish. For the Mangroves "use the sardines that are caught here for bait" For the moonfish "pieces of shrimp", for Tarpon use live bait or large fish heads.

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Location Info

Open 24 Hours


Adult Fishing..........Free

Live and Dead bait ( if you catch it yourself )

Lighted for night fishing only in some areas

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Common Catches

Snapper "All Year"
Bait " Mullet, Pichard, maharas "
Blue Runners "All Year"
Bluefish "Spring, Fall, Winter"
Croakers "all year"
Big Jack Crevalle

Fishing Locations

Anglins Fishing Pier 954-924-3613

Juno Fishing Pier 561-855-6185

Dania Fishing Pier 954-924-3613

Pompano Fishing Pier 954-482-3229

Deerfield Fishing Pier 954-426-9206

Lake Worth Fishing Pier 561-582-3474
Open 24 hrs

Newport Fishing Pier 305-949-1300

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