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Hardcore Fishing Gear
A hardcore fisherman is prepared for all types of fishing
  • Rods and Reels of all sizes for all types of fishing
  • Tackle "Fish Hooks, wieght, swivels,lures, Jigs, Ruler, ect. ??"
  • Knife don't forget the knife
  • Fish Net, Gaff, Bridge net
  • Bucket "for live bait" with or without holes or airator system. Best to have both.
  • Cooler "always plan to catch fish"
  • Rain Gear, don't get wet it takes the fun out of fishing.
  • First aid
  • Bug repellant
  • Change of clothes
  • Lantern
  • Chum bag and crab line for the bag

Well fishing hardcore means many different things and has many definitions, Mine however goes like this.
I need all this gear because I fish from 24 hours to 72 hours on a trip and in that time you can do many different types of fishing and stay busy at those slack times for others.
A light spinner with 6 to 10 lbs test is a must for baits, jigging and fishing those fun surf fish "croakers, gulf kingfish (whitting)" and what ever else hits. Bait that I use on this rod is cut fresh shrimp peeled and live small shrimp sometimes! mini sand fleas.

A Heavy spinner 20 to 25 lbs test that can throw 1oz to 5 oz of wieght, this is my hands on big pole. I use it for live lineing baits, fishing troll rights for snook, Tarpon between bridges and bottom fishing a chicken rig holding the rod, this rod see's alot of the bigger fish. Bait that is used on this rod is live shrimp, sand fleas, cut mullet, and big plugs and jigs, larger lures

Now the bigger poles first 2 Bottom heavy poles 9 to 11 feet, I like conventional reels and some like spinners. These rods should be able to throw 2oz to a 8oz wieght and should have 30 or 40 lbs test, I use them for bottom fishing with bottom rigs, chicken rigs, knocker rigs sometimes live line baits for snook and a few other rigs I will mention another time, snapper, grouper, snook, cobia, big macks and shark are some of the fish I catch on this rod.
The bait for these rods is mainly cut bait and I try to catch fresh what is there such as mullet, grunts, croakers, sand fleas, crabs " and use live or heads and body plugs of the fish caught, last resort frozen.

4/0 or its equivalent on a heavy back boned rod with 40 to 60 lbs test
6/0 or its equivalent on a heavy heavy back boned rod with 50 to 80 lbs test
These rods get live big baits and dead. BIG FISH is what this rod is for, sharks, big jacks, rays, barracuda, grouper and surprise catches.
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