saltwater killing reels HELP

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saltwater killing reels HELP

Postby Belen » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:24 am

I keep killing reels, just wondering if anyone has any tips on which reels might be more durable than others. I kayak most wknds either in Sydney harbour or slightly offshore around the heads. Every now and again i have accidents where my reels getting slightly or occasionally fully dunked in the brine! I try my best to avoid it, have high rod holders etc...but still can't avoid it completely. So far i've killed 2 penn live liners, a shimano cazna and loads of cheapy reels. My siennas seem to have fared the luckiest. I always tighten my drag and rinse my reels in freshwater after every use, and oil the bearings every couple of weeks. Anyone got any tips for not super expensive reels that are durable for kayak fishing? Or any tips for helping to avoid the corrosion?
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Re: saltwater killing reels HELP

Postby YakPirate » Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:14 pm

A penn 706z, basically a wench with a good drag. The classic coffee grinder reel used for swimming in the surf.
You see this real has around a dozen parts. Very easy to breakdown, degrease, clean, rebuild and pack the thing with penn reel grease to keep it corrosion resistant. Will last a lifetime. :reeling:
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