sand fleas in hollywood or fort lauderdale

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sand fleas in hollywood or fort lauderdale

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i have never had any luck spotting them or catching them and last yr i tried clams for pomps cause i saw ppl suing clams before andi cured them and all. used cherry clams and not one pompano bite at all in 3 days of fishing clams.... ppl with live fleas were catchin pomps left and right this was in april. i wanan go to juno to fish but need fleas. or to fish here in laudy. no idea where i could buy fresh ones and again fished frozen ones and no bites either.. doign the same poop as everyone else and no bites at all meanwhile ppl keeping over their bags on dania pier and anglins nonstop... WTMF. gonna start makin my own rigs too

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Re: sand fleas in hollywood or fort lauderdale

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Hey Jerr
Used to be some great articles here about spotting and raking fleas. The guys who used to sell em are all gone.
Search the archive.
Nice Boat! Now get it outa my driveway!

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