Pier Fishing rod & reel

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Pier Fishing rod & reel

Post by JamesPL »

I fish at Anglins once a year for 4 or 5 days. I want to buy a saltwater reel and a 2 piece rod (I have to check the rod on the plane). I was looking online at Cabela's Salt Striker® Spinning Reels which run $60 to $75. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good 2 piece rod.

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Re: Pier Fishing rod & reel

Post by Leadslinger »

Since you don't use it a whole lot, might as well just grab an ugly stik. I still have a 2 piece sturdy stik from the early 2000's that is in fine shape. Or you can just run down to Bass Pro at Dania and grab one of those cheapy offshore angler returns off the rack, probably run you $20-30.

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Re: Pier Fishing rod & reel

Post by baseball4life702 »

:stupid: yea I have an ugly stick 2 piece that always works fine for my travel purposes... Other than that I have some Daiwa 2 pieces that also have held up very nicely.

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Re: Pier Fishing rod & reel

Post by SaintMary »

Back in the day I loved these rods and reels. Now I'll only use the rods. The reel and rod a friend of mine got this week just kept messing up and bird nesting.

Just my 2 cents. :D

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