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Fly fishing help

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 6:10 am
by GraysonEverett
Does anybody have any tips or advice you could give me on fly fishing? I've just gotten into it and don't know very much about the sport. My grandpa was nice enough to give me one of his 9' G-Loomis rods and paired it w/ a Orivs 5/6 reel. It's a really nice set up. I've been out wading in some local rivers and I'm good at casting and all that good stuff. I just need help w/ fly selection, where to cast, time of the year/time of the day and how it affects the fish, etc.

Also if anybody could recommend some places to fish that are near Boone, that'd be awesome! If possible less than a 30 minute drive.

Thanks for the all info guys.