Best flies and fly set up

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Best flies and fly set up

Postby James7412 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:29 pm

What's the best flies for catching snook
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Re: Best flies and fly set up

Postby mcond » Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:24 pm

Snook will eat a pretty wide variety of flies. Size and what the fly resembles are the most important factors. Color matters but much less but can be everything in certain situations. I've tied some pretty funky things that just barely resemble any one of their preferred prey items and they will still eat it. I tend to stick to small baitfish and shrimp for most my snook fishing but for my area that's usually just "match the hatch" selection.
As far as a rod, reel, and line... 6-9wt (medium to fast action) is enough for everything short of a 45in snook. Once you have some experience fighting fish with a fly rod a 7 or 8 will do. TFO mangrove is an amazing rod for the money. If you are willing to learn how to palm a reel, then a reel is little more than line storage, that said it's going to take some practice. :lol: I wouldn't waste money on it up front. As for line I say a short belly taper. I really like RIO bonefish quickshooter. Doesn't last more than a year and a half of hard fishing but shoots and handles like no ones business.

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