Dania Beach Shark mafia

Put your spearfishing reports here and lets see some pics from underwater. Cool
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Dania Beach Shark mafia

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Well I'm starting to think I am a cursed man, and a bad luck charm when it comes to spearfishing down here in South Florida. Went out today to freedive with another member (hooked up time, place) decided to check out the jacks off Dania Beach. Great morning, calm water, warm, decent visibility. As the day progressed, we nailed some Porgy's, I actually got a two-in-one on one shot. Also got a decent Hogfish and one really big Snapper (think it was a Mutton). Friend also got a few of his own. We put 'em in the catch bag which was hanging off the dive buoy and flag. As we headed back, the current had picked up, so when I noticed a pretty significant tug at the line I wasn't sure what was going on. So I stopped and told my buddies something's going on, after which we ALL saw the second line-snapping, dive-flag removing buoy sinking strike. We knew right there that the mafia had shown up and wanted us to pay our dues. As we got the heck out of the water, we saw that the buoy wasn't moving, drifting, nothing. Then is actually started moving UP current. Before I got too sad, we then witnessed a colossal display of power which actually looked like more than one shark, either that or it was a BIG shark. The thrashing, the white water, the whole display made me glad we had more than 25 ft of line on that catch bag. Bummer, lost seven fish in total, including a nice Hog and Snapper. Seems I can't get away from these things, every time I go out, I end up having to deal with the mafia and either having to leave abruptly, or giving up my catch. Why me, and why every time? :scratch:
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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

Post by jbuck501 »

Exactly why I do not swim in the ocean here!!

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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

Post by skee »

Actually, I don't believe there has ever been a shark attack fatality in Broward County.

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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

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The thing about Shark attack's is, they don't have to be fatal to change your life.
Ring; Try a small raft of a tube float. Something that keep's your catch out of the water. While at the same time keep's the blood in the raft. If they can't smell it they can't find it.
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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

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buy a yak
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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

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I'm with gruntking..Just make sure you have a fish bag that doesn't leak. It will leak through the scupper holes and bring unwanted attention to your kayak. Not a good thing when you're tying to haul your fresh bleeding kill in and you realize there's suits circling your yak in feeding mode. Not a fun time...

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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

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be glad all he wanted was your fish,thanks for the post,better luck next time :happyfisherman:

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Re: Dania Beach Shark mafia

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And people wonder why I wont swim in the ocean.... :shock: :shock: :shock:
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