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Advice Needed - Snook/Jig Combo & Bridge Combo

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:58 pm
by GetFish
Hey everyone,

With Christmas coming, i'm in the market for some new setups to ask for.

I'm looking to get into throwing jigs for snook and am thinking about a Daiwa BG 5000 for the reel, just looking for a nice rod to pair with it. I'd love a custom rod, but think those might be too expensive. So I was just hoping for some recommendations for something off the shelf. I'd love the rod to kind of serve a few purposes as well besides throwing jigs; maybe throwing something from the bridges (jigs or live bait) and maybe taking it offshore to throw pitch baits whenever i'm invited on a friends boat.

I'm also trying to get a better bottom fishing setup mainly for use throwing from the bridges. In my transition from googan i'm trying to get a conventional instead of the strictly spinners in my arsenal thus far. I'm thinking a Daiwa Seagate for the reel (maybe a saltist) and just wanted a recommendation for a good rod. Mainly going to be throwing from the keys bridges and piers, but also hoping to pull double duty as an offshore bottom rod. I was looking at the Star Rods EX530H so far, but would love some feedback here.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated and I promise to post pics and reports on what the news setups land. :happyfisherman:

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Re: Advice Needed - Snook/Jig Combo & Bridge Combo

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:36 pm
by fishnfool73
If you are in the Ft Lauderdale area go to TR tackle and check the used rod rack or see what they have that fits your needs. They are helpful and wont steer you wrong.