Cast nets?

This area is for those questions about bait how to catch it, keep it alive and so on.
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Re: Cast nets?

Post by yakfish100 »

that's really funny
The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.

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Re: Cast nets?

Post by 4seall »

I throw an 8ft Betts 1/2" mesh. Been working fine for everything from pilchards to mullet.

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Re: Cast nets?

Post by eddieftl »

I have 2 options right now for a new net. Calusa cracker of Ahi Pro. Any opinions on which is the better of the two?

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Re: Cast nets?

Post by diggin4grouper »

Calusa cracker

the Ahi Pro after throwing it a few times and it rubbing on the bottom the lead line will start to come off , the twine the net is tied to the lead line is very small and dont last

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Re: Cast nets?

Post by aalkukhun »

Hey guys, Kinda clueless here so excuse my language lol,

I never caught my own bait, and nor do i usually target anything.

I am thinking of getting a multipurpose cast net. It seems like the smallest mesh size is 1/4 inch, and there is the 3/8.

ive seen guys catch tiny little fish for snapper, what mesh size would catch these fish? would these sizes also work for mullet or whatever bait is out there?

It seems that the general advice in this topic is not to go less than 5 feet ? I am primarily an onshore guy, isn't that too big?

Thanks a lot, and Good luck on your next fishing trip :)

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Re: Cast nets?

Post by Robbycicco »

I just bought one of these EZ Throw nets the other day at Walmart ($31) just to try it out, and it is just as easy as they say. Anyone should be able to throw this net in 5 to 10 minutes. I now leave it in the back of my van for a very convenient way to get a little bait when I need it. The other day I had about 1/2 hour to kill, so I stopped down by an old Marina, got out my EZ Throw, caught a few Sardines with just one throw, and then fished for about 20 minutes, catching a pretty huge Sail Cat that put up a pretty good fight. It was quite fun, until I saw what he was...yuck. But it was a nice way to kill a 1/2 hour and not have to worry about stopping to buy bait.. ... t/23091515

A You Tube video on throwing it:

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Re: Cast nets?

Post by Green Tide »

Cast nets are one of the things that pays for itself within a short amount of time. Gotta love that.

You shoulda been here yesterday!!!

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