Fish Handling Guidelines- read in case you want to take pics

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This area is all about things that can affect the Boatless-Land Fisherman as to State and Local Regulations, Rules that pertain to areas that we may fish and enviromental issues that we need to get involved in. Please read these posts and get invovled. We are stonger in Numbers.

Fish Handling Guidelines- read in case you want to take pics

Postby cudaman » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:58 pm

I do not know when this was updated but it opens a door to those who want to take a photo to document their catch. Here it is right from the horses mouth:

Apparently the FWC was runing shops with their officers and some misunderstood a few things. Here is what FWC has to say about the current laws (on 1st paragraph):
Contrary to some reports, there are no new saltwater fish handling regulations in Florida. However, the FWC has recently been reminding anglers about existing rules that are meant to protect fish when they can't be taken.

This is on the 6th paragraph:
It is okay to take a picture of a fish that is not allowed to be harvested while it's in the process of being released, but it still must be let go immediately and should not be held in lengthy poses just for the purpose of taking the picture.

For tournaments (on same 6th paragraph):
And it is never legal to hold on to or tow a fish that is not allowed to be harvested to a place to weigh or measure it for a fishing tournament or record.

I see this part as an apology for what happened recently on many forums (8th paragraph):
However, we also don't want to discourage the fun and excitement of catching fish and documenting the catch, whether for records or the personal satisfaction that comes with sharing this experience with friends and family. That's why we are attempting to inform the public about safe catch and release techniques, and the harm that can be caused to fish that are handled roughly or held out of the water too long.

But like always the double sword comes along (same 8th paragraph):
That is the approach our law enforcement officers are taking, and only egregious cases of mishandling or unequivocal "possession" of an illegal fish would be pursued.

You can read the entire article at:

But like it reads in the article PLEASE "USE COMMON SENSE"! If the fish is big say over 15 or 20 pounds when taking the photos if possible leave the fish in the water...Please do not take this as a free pass to take Goliath grouper and tarpon out of the water, since many officers out there will interpret the law in their own opinion, so if you get in trouble you can only defend your self in court. Now, I am out to look for a written version of the "Fish Handling Guidelines". I have printed a copy and will carry with me in case someone wants me to document their catch. :wink:
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Postby Cookinman » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:22 am

GREAT info there Cudaman !
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