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State reverses regs on size limits

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:06 pm
by Green Tide
Doing a complete 180 on minimum size limits the state has began limiting larger fish and leaving no minimum size limits.
All this science BS they been given us for 50 years 60 years on how to conserve the resource has been dropped and replaced with the exact opposite thinking. Kinda reminds you of global warming, I mean global cooling, I mean climate change.
In an effort to sustain the population of the black bass, the state of Florida has instituted a new rule that you may only keep one over 16 inches. Then they remove the minimum length completely. So they've gone from trying to allow a fish to Spawn at least one time before it's harvested,to allow the larger adults to live unrestricted.
This is just another example of charterboat fishing captains running the regulation committee. As they try to protect their income by isolating recreational fishermen from their activities.
So as we constantly talk about these people harvesting short fish they are actually conservationist