2 hammers thrash my tarpon READ.

Lets hear those tall Fishing tales, I have heard so many times fishing all night on the pier with fisherman.
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2 hammers thrash my tarpon READ.


after a long awaited journy too a special spot i know between anglins and pompano pier i was all set up just threw a 7in blue runner on bottom and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz screams of mercy my real was fired up. well besides that i hook up and to find its a huge tarpon humongoo and so im trying to get him in little buy little and ive got him within like 10 feet of me when i go into the water to de hook he takes off backwards and dosent stop this huge hammerhead im guestamating 700-1000 lbs came up and chewed on him well i see the tarpons head out of the water crusing like 40 ft out. and all of the suddent another hammer comes buy and swallows the other half it was a sight too see the sharks thrashing over the last bits of the tarpon but thats not the exciting part welli never gotthe hook out of old mr. poon and so somehow i guess it snagged onto 1 of the hammers somehow not shure but i was getting dumped buy the second and as soon as it reached the knot it stopped. how weird i started gaining line back in but fast and so im catching up on my realing when alll of the suddent i se the hammer within my sights and then in an instance hes gone and i have slack line but i guess i got popped off so i real in my excess line and the oddest thing ever. i have my hook my weight and a perfectly good blue runner swimming around right infront of me. i have too tell you that was a pretty awesome dream im guna go back soon,
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Re: 2 hammers thrash my tarpon READ.

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sure foster and a whale ate nick lol but i have heard and seen on tv of that happening but to see that in real life would be alsome.

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Re: 2 hammers thrash my tarpon READ.

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Where'd you come up with that idea Foster?
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Re: 2 hammers thrash my tarpon READ.

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TEAM SALT LIFE wrote: i have too tell you that was a pretty awesome dream

Yes it was a awesome dream, because it if was really you would have spooled again on your Van Staal. :shaking:
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