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Lets hear those tall Fishing tales, I have heard so many times fishing all night on the pier with fisherman.
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Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:26 pm

One night a long, long time ago my friend Watashi and I were fishing one of our favorite spots in the Keys.
Harris Gap Channel bridge at MM18.
The routine involved several spin outfits - 12 - 15lb, with 40lb mono leader, long shank hook and a split shot. The hook completely covered with a strip of very fresh silver mullet.
We had been known to catch some exceptionally nice Grovers at this small bridge.(underneath the bridge at the waterline).
After nailing a few nice Grovers and hammering alot of Budweisers, things settled down for awhile.
Then all of a sudden one of Watashi's Penns starts screaming and he sets the hook hard. As he was stepping backwards and reeling like a happy madman, he trips on a rock and goes down just as the head of the biggest grover of the evening broke water and I could see just how nice a fish this was from my vantage point.
This Groovy Grover then proceded to rip line and head straight for the bottom where he immediately took up residence in a comfortalbe hole.
Well Watashi, also known as Big Handsome Mack, and not accustomed to having a fish get the better of him, tried to no avail to get this fish up. He tried everything. When his patience ran out, he put the rod in my hand and proceded to slam an ice cold Bud.
With a very sly look on his face he says to me: "hold my belt, shoes and wallet, I'll be right back."
He then took hold of the pink Ande and followed the line out into the water where in no time he was gone beneath the surface.
Now here I am on Useless One in the Keys on a weeknight at about midnight all alone as my partner is swimming with the fishes. Well you guessed it - after about 2 - 3 minutes Watashi comes walking out of the water holding a huge Grover by the eyesockets and says to me: "hand me a Bud !!!!!"

Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:38 pm

LOL... BEEN THERE BEFORE... But it was on a reef with a nice black grouper... I saw him take a live yellowtail and head to the hole... Since it was about 20+ feet I jumped in, mask fin and all and got hiim... He was all puffed up and using his fins along with his gills to hold the rock.

When he saw me he changed colors and I could see the fear of "JUAN" in him... LOL, Ive also caught them with a jig, yellow and chartuese, jigging in about 40 feet of water with chum in the water...

They do love them yellowtail though.

Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:28 pm

nice story i loved to head about the people thats are willing to go out of there way for a good catch
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