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mullet netting in naples

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:44 pm
by Green Tide
quote="bananafish777"]Went out last night at Hillsboro. Not much going on...a few guys there with green lights. We caught about 12 shrimp in and hour and a half. Might have caught more but the brand new heavy duty telescoping net we got at Bass Pro broke in half on the first time using it. Windy conditions making it hard to see them and harder to snag what few of them there are.[/quote]

that reminds me of the time my bro in laws took me to naples when i was like 10. they are like 20-25. we are going along in their boat looking for mullet to net is what they told me.
here you do it first. when you see a mullet dip down real fast and hold on so you dont loose the net.
get the boat up to like 10kts tell me theres one get him. i jam the net in the water and it pulls me half way in . they are screaming hold on to the net while i am drowning and thinking of shark bait.
oh they got a good laugh out of it.
you cant beat good times like that. my heros play a joke on me but at least i got to go fishing with them all over the place.
i have passed that and other traditions on when given a chance. just ask my kids and their friends