Bullbuster Monofilament

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Bullbuster Monofilament

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Bullbuster Monofilament: http://www.dieselpro.com/safetyequipment.aspx

Some of the prices will go up by minimal amounts next week ($3 dollars more on the 1lb and $5 more on the 5lb spol.. this will not be a trend.. but just being a little more realistic as I set up the buisness)

Coming soon : 1/4 and 1/2 lb spools. (these will only be able to be ordered from the website)

1/4lb spools of clear monofilament $7

15lb 1,303 yards

20lb 800 yards

25lb 640 yards

40lb 360 yards

50lb 270 yards

60lb 230 yards

80lb 165yards

100lb 130 yards

1/2lb spools of clear monofilament: $10

30llb 1,040 yards

40lb 720 yards

50lb 535 yards

60lb 470 yards

80lb 325 yards

125lb 165 yards

150lb 155 yards

1lb spools of clear monofilament : $15 (12 right now but will be increased next week)

40lb: 1440 yards

50lb 1070 yards

60lb 935 yards

80lb 650 yards

100lb 330 yards

125 310 yards

5lb spools of clear monofilament: $55 (its $50 right now .. but will be increased next week)

50lb 5350 yards

60lb 4680 yards

80lb 3250 yards

100lb 2550 yards

125lb 1660 yards

150lb 1540 yards

200lb 995 yards

http://www.facebook.com/Bullbuster.mono ... shing.line

Bullbuster USA Fishing Line - Premium brand direct fishing lines (50% off retail pricing).

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Re: Bullbuster Monofilament

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team BLACKFIN TUNA!!!!!!

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Re: Bullbuster Monofilament

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Colby's website is at the top of the post.

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